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Izuma's World

Skeletons in my Pocket

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Hm. A bio eh Livejournal?

Lets see here. There's not much about me that would be of much interest. I've always wanted to be an architect. That's something I guess. You can tell by the way I describe myself that I don't know myself very well. I think I can list off the things that is my personality.. little inane things such as my fasination with pocket watches, my irrefutable love for drawing and my knack for horrible titles.

And I can also say that I love to read manga. More than read, I usually get lost inside the manga. Sometimes I get so involved with it, I don't see the outside world as normal anymore. It's quite unfortunate.

I'm an otaku.

Tatsuki is tough love.

Hanatarou is male nurse love.

Ishida/Ichigo is love hate love hate love not.

Tatsuki/Orihime is always there to protect you love.

Shunsui x Nanao is love.

This guy. This guy right here.. is Stephen Colbert!

And just to experiement...
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